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A new way of thinking about healthcare.

Introducing 'Healthcare On Demand', a revolutionary new concept in personalized healthcare brought to you by MDDirect.
Our unique approach to patient care is designed to pick up where other executive health clinics leave off.
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Direct Benefits

At MDDirect, we go above and beyond your expectations to deliver the ultimate healthcare experience. Here are some of the ways our personalized health program can BENEFIT you.
Comprehensive Annual Assessment

Includes a thorough history and detailed examination by your personal physician. Results and recommendations are presented in a personalized annual Treatment…

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Diagnostic Screening

Our annual assessment will typically include a comprehensive blood profile and laboratory evaluation, advanced cardiac risk stratification, lung function testing…

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Year-round Physician Support

Studies have repeatedly shown that continuity of care, or lack thereof, is a key predictor of health outcomes. At MDDirect, your doctor acts as your single point…

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Client Testimonials

MDDirect has been a rewarding investment in my health and state of mind - the service, peace of mind, and quality of care have been refreshing.

Mark W.

I have gone to MDDirect for the past two years and have to say that the caring and service is exceptional. I am lucky to have this service in my life.

Bonnye G.

I very much appreciate the depth of knowledge, professional skill, openness and compassion evident in my interactions with my personal physician.

Robert E.

The team at MDDirect is excellent in every respect. The communication and care from my doctor is invaluable to me.

Tom M.

I came to MDDirect at the lowest point of my adult life. I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually distressed…my doctor took the time, interest, and most of all caring to see me through my difficult time…Today, I am on the road to good health! Thanks, Doc!

Brad L.

A very refreshing and old-fashioned approach to medical care – and free, convenient parking included. My doctor is a terrific young man and very personable.

Gerald S.