Patient Stories

Karen S.

"I knew from my first appointment at MD Direct that I'd found something special. My doctor really listened to me. Instead of being rushed through a 10-minute appointment, he spent an hour learning about me and my issues. He's always very responsive to my emails…Because of his attention to detail and the way that he goes above and beyond usual medical care he recognized something that other doctors missed…the telephone consultations have saved me untold hours…I'm a new person and I owe it all to my doctor and the great team at MDDirect. The quality of care is outstanding and they make you feel special."

Bonnye G.

"I have gone to MDDirect for the past two years and have to say that the caring and service is exceptional. I am lucky to have this service in my life."

Robert E.

"I very much appreciate the depth of knowledge, professional skill, openness and compassion evident in my interactions with my personal physician."

Tom M.

"The team at MDDirect is excellent in every respect. The communication and care from my doctor is invaluable to me."

Brad L.

"I came to MDDirect at the lowest point of my adult life. I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually distressed…my doctor took the time, interest, and most of all caring to see me through my difficult time…Today, I am on the road to good health! Thanks, Doc!"


Enzo R.

"What a difference a visit to MDDirect is compared to a regular doctor's office…the level of care and service is not to be compared, it's like night and day. I never thought I would say having a yearly physical is a wonderful experience but it is…my doctor has also come to visit me at my home when I was too ill to go into the office, this along with the countless emails and phone conversations we've had along the way… I would like to personally thank the whole staff at MDDirect for their wonderful work ethic and for continuously ensuring that my good health is maintained at the highest level."

Marilyn K.

" The quality of my experience over the past two and a half years as a client at MDDirect has not only met, but has exceeded my expectations. From my personal physician I have received highly skilled medical advice and treatment, always given in a professional, timely, patient, respectful and caring manner. Referrals, when necessary, have always been made with great consideration, and with great speed…The staff works well together as an efficient, organized and caring team. I feel fortunate to have MDDirect as a partner in my health management—for me it has been a very wise investment."

Gerald S.

"A very refreshing and old-fashioned approach to medical care – and free, convenient parking included. My doctor is a terrific young man and very personable."

Sergei R.

"I am very happy with medical attention I get from MDDirect…it is very easy and convenient to book an appointment, and the quality of care is outstanding. Over the years I have had several emergencies that were resolved immediately, sometimes by phone or email, and sometimes by an after-hours appointment."


Jim and Joyce G.

"Our experience of being cared for by MDDirect is unique…our doctors respond immediately…It is most comforting to know that we are in such capable hands. Going to the doctor is no longer stressful. We thank everyone at MDDirect for their friendly service."

Gale W.

"What can I say about my doctor? He's one of the kindest, most committed and smartest physicians around. He genuinely cares about his patients. Both my husband and I feel extremely lucky to have such a wonderful physician. MDDirect's support staff are also great."

Gail H.

"Signing up with MDDirect was one of the best things that I have ever done. My doctor was such a support during my cancer treatment; he was very patient with my questions. I never felt rushed. The MD Direc+ annual physical assessment leaves no stone unturned…In an emergency there is always a doctor on call who can help. It is so wonderful to have doctors who care."

Mark W.

"MDDirect has been a rewarding investment in my health and state of mind - the service, peace of mind, and quality of care have been refreshing."

Ben W.

"I have been with MDDirect for 3 years now, and can positively say that switching from my previous physician was one of the smartest decisions that I have ever made. The staff at MDDirect are prompt, courteous and efficient, and make my health and wellbeing their number one priority. I always receive immediate attention to my health concerns and would not hesitate to recommend MDDirect to anybody!"