Preferred Partners

At MDDirect, our physicians refer to specialists with outstanding clinical expertise and an exceptional commitment to patient care.
Here are some of the specialists whom we frequently consult:

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Dr. Howard Leong-Poi    St. Michael's Hospital 
Dr. Chris Overgaard     University Health Network 
Dr. Sam Radhakrishnan    Sunnybrook Hospital 
Dr. Harry Rakowski    University Health Network 
Dr. Paul Dorian    St. Michael's Hospital 
Dr. Sheldon Singh    Sunnybrook Hospital 
Dr. Robert Myers    Sunnybrook Hospital 
Dr. Ted Marras    University Health Network 
Dr. Kieran McIntyre     St. Michael's Hospital 
Dr. Kevin Sanders    Sunnybrook/NYGH 
Dr. Roger Goldstein    West Park Pulmonary Rehab 
Dr. Gordon Sussman    University of Toronto 
Dr. Peter Vadas     St. Michael's Hospital 
Dr. Stephen Betschel    St. Michael's Hospital 
Dr. Ilan Medad     Humber Hospital 
Dr. Lawrence Cohen     Sunnybrook Hospital 
Dr. Jeff Baker     St. Michael's Hospital 
Dr. David Baron     NYGH 
Dr. Louis Liu     University Health Network 
Dr. Eric Hurwitz     Scarborough Hospital 
Dr. Rosario Briones-Urbina     Women's College Hospital  
Dr. Ron Goldenberg     LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology Clinic  
Dr. Baiju Shah     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Sheldon Tobe     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Jordan Weinstein     St. Michael's Hospital  
Dr. Michael Angel     University Health Network  
Dr. Frank Silver     University Health Network  
Dr. Robert Chen     University Health Network  
Dr. Rick Swartz     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. David Gladstone     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Sandra Black     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Mario Masellis     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Sharon Cohen     Toronto Memory Clinic  
Dr. Shikha Mittoo     Mount Sinai Hospital  
Dr. Lori Albert     University Health Network  
Dr. Allan Kagal     Mackenzie Health  
Dr. Sharon Koren     North York General Hospital  
Sports Medicine
Dr. Ian Cohen     University of Toronto  
Dr. Grant Lum     Athletic Edge  
Dr. Steven Dilkas     Athletic Edge  
Dr. Sam Hanna     Dermatology on Bloor  
Dr. Neil Shear     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Anatoli Freiman     Toronto Dermatology Centre  
Dr. Benjamin Barankin     Toronto Dermatology Centre  
Dr. Sonya Cook     Compass Dermatology  
Dr. Matthew Cheung     Sunnybrook  
Dr Janey Hsiao     Sunnybrook/Women's College Hospital  
Dr. Dominick Amato     Mount Sinai Hospital 
Dr. Eitan Amir     Mount Sinai/Princess Margaret Hospital  
Dr. Jeff Silverman     North York General Hospital  
Dr. Vivian Glenns     North York General Hospital  
General Surgery and Surgical Oncology
Dr. Lazar Klein     Humber Hospital  
Dr. Peter Stotland     North York General Hospital  
Dr. Andy Smith     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Ted Ross     Women's College Hospital  
Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Tirone David     University Health Network  
Dr. Gideon Cohen     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Marcelo Cypel     University Health Network  
Dr. George Oreopoulos     University Health Network  
Dr. Neil Fleshner     University Health Network  
Dr. Laurence Klotz     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Sender Herschorn     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Robert Nam     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Ethan Grober     Mount Sinai Hospital  
Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Khalid Syed    University Health Network  
Dr. Jeremy Hall    St. Michael's Hospital  
Dr. Michael Ford    Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Paul Marks     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Michael Fehlings     University Health Network  
Dr. Mark Bernstein     University Health Network  
Dr. Paul Kongkham     University Health Network  
Dr. Michael Sved     Mount Sinai Hospital  
Dr. Wusun Paek     Mount Sinai Hospital  
Dr. Danny Lovatsis     Mount Sinai Hospital  
Dr. Mark Yudin     St. Michael's Hospital  
Dr. Wilfred Steinberg     St. Michael's Hospital  
Dr. Elaine Herer     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Herb Wong     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Stacey Grossman     Mackenzie Health  
Plastic Surgery
Dr. Jamil Asaria     Face Cosmetic Clinic  
Dr. Brett Beber     Women's College Hospital / TEGH  
Otolaryngology (ENT)
Dr. Jamil Asaria     Face Clinic  
Dr. Julian Nedzelski     Sunnybrook Hospital  
Dr. Jennifer Anderson     St. Michael's Hospital  
Dr. John Rutka     University health Network  
Dr. Raymond Stein     Bochner Eye Institute  
Dr. Sheldon Herzig     Herzig Eye Institute  
Dr. David Rootman     University Health Network  
Dr. Alan Berger     St. Michael's Hospital  
Dr. Mike Rotholz     View Eye Care - Optometrist